Staff Directory

Our dedicated, professional staff work together with parents as partners in your child’s education. Our teachers are readily available to speak to parents, and parents are encouraged to contact them with any questions they may have.

Contact any of the staff by email below or contact the school directly.

staff members

Administration & Support

 Principal Mrs. Carolyn Van Zwol
Vice Principal Mrs. Kit Garden
Vice Principal Mrs. Harriette Mostert
Office Administrator Mrs. Mary-Joyce Grift
Financial Administrator Mrs. Maria Flikkema

Teaching Staff

JKA/SKA Mrs. Catherine Timmerman
JKB/SKB Mr. Samuel Ekpenyong
JKC/SKC, JKD/SKD Mrs. Yvonne Grootenboer
Grade 1A Mrs. Shirley Jonker
Grade 1B Mrs. Krista Herfst
Grade 2A Ms. Taheera Mamujee
Grade 2B Mrs. Darlene Dykstra
Grade 3A Ms. Ana Murillo
Grade 3B Mrs. Jennifer Kooy
Grade 4A Ms. Breanne De Haan
Grade 4B Mr. Ian Adams
Grade 5A Ms. Shirley Huinink
Grade 5B Mrs. Ann Gerth/Mrs. Petra Martin
Grade 5B Ms. Miriam Miedema
Grade 6A Ms. Alice Ann Tangelder
Grade 7A Mrs. Barb Van Pelt
Grade 7/8 Mr. Rodney Kooy
Grade 8 Mrs. Lisa Eelkema
French (Gr. 1 to Gr. 8) Mr. Jacob Bryce
Student Support Services Mrs. Wendy Hayhoe
Student Support Services Mrs. Julie Hunse
Music (JK to Gr. 6) Mrs. Kit Garden
Band (Gr. 7 to 8) Mrs. Lisa Eelkema
ELL Instructor Mrs. Irene Geleynse
T Coordinator Mr. Jacob Bryce
Para-educator Miss Gabrielle Scott
Para-educator Mrs. Wendy Wiens


Para-educator Mrs. Helen Cawthra
Para-educator Miss Hannah Cober
Para-educator Mrs. Jennifer Cunningham
Para-educator Melissa Cole
Para-educator Mrs. Sheila Kooy
Para-educator Mrs. Sharon Leage
Para-educator Mrs. Petra Martin
Para-educator Mrs. Edith Martinez
Para-educator Mrs. Stephanie May
Para-educator Mrs. Sharon Meagher

Library Staff

Library Mrs. Carolyn McNeil

Custodial Staff

Facility Manager Mr. George Feddema
Custodial Staff Ms. Ash Missel

Extended Care

Before/After School Care Mrs. Delia Pop

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