Welcome to kindergarten at Laurentian Hills Christian School (LHCS)! For over 50 years we have been inspiring students to become Christ followers and reach their full potential by offering a comprehensive quality Christian education. 

At LHCS our caring kindergarten teachers spark a curiosity and love of learning through collaborative play and exploration. They strive to create a bright, cheerful, and rich learning environment where your child is happy, engaged, and encouraged to explore while learning foundational skills in numeracy, literacy, and spiritual character formation. Starting in junior kindergarten your child’s teacher will nurture and monitor their progress, while scaffolding learning to challenge them to acquire new tools, skills, and strategies. The comprehensive kindergarten program also includes music and French taught by specialists, and access to a full gym facility.

LHCS Kindergarten Program
Laurentian Hill Christian School offers parents flexible options for junior and senior kindergarten. Parents can choose to enroll their child in our 5 full day kindergarten program which offers more reinforcement and review of the concepts and skills taught as well as more collaborative play and enrichment activities to compliment the curriculum. 

Part time kindergarten is offered as a 50% program on Monday, Wednesday, and alternate Fridays or Tuesday, Thursday, and alternate Fridays. Both full and part time kindergarten programs have the same core curriculum and learning expectations.

Parent Testimonial
“Since children spend most of their day at school, we were looking for a school that offered high quality academics, coupled with an integrated Christ-centered approach to all aspects of learning including learning how to relate to others. With small class sizes, a part time kindergarten program option, and strong partnerships with parents, we knew that Laurentian Hills Christian School was the best choice for our child. Additionally, we love the cheerful and creative student artwork displayed throughout the school, and being greeted by children singing Christian songs is so heartwarming!”

James and Karen Kelly


Visit LHCS, meet the staff, and see Christian education in action. Book a tour today. Call: Mary-Joyce Grift, Office Administrator, at 519.576.6700 or email:email hidden; JavaScript is required to schedule your personalized tour.

Browse answers to frequently asked questions below. Learn more by visiting our Enrollment and Tuition pages. Please contact us  with any questions or comments.


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Does the curriculum differ between the part time and full time Kindergarten programs?

The core curriculum and learning expectations of both part time and full time Kindergarten programs will be the same. The programming differs in that the full time kindergarten will offer more reinforcement and review of the concepts and skills taught as well as more play and enrichment activities to compliment the curriculum. The themes studied in order to develop these core skills will vary in each program to minimize repetition.

Will my child be “behind” if they don’t attend full time Kindergarten?

No. The core curriculum and overall expectations will remain the same for both programs. Students will be similarly evaluated and receive the same report card.

Can I sign my child up for the 5 day program and send them for less than 5 days?

The regular scheduled program will continue on days when your child is not there, so there may be concepts your child will miss. However we recognize that for some children 4 days at school may be what they are ready for, and we would accommodate this arrangement. You would still be assessed the full time tuition rate.

How much does tuition cost?

Tuition is structured to align with our current scale. Part-time KG is approximately 50% of the tuition for a full time student. 5 day Kindergarten tuition will be the same as a full time student. See our Tuition page for more information.

What if I don’t want to send my child to JK, will there still be a spot for my child in SK?

Yes. Simply let us know so we can do advanced planning.

Would JK kids go on the bus?

This will be up to the parents. Bus rates are available from the school office (email hidden; JavaScript is required).

Are there before and after school programs available?

Yes. LHCS offers both before school (starting at 7:30 am) and after school (until 5:30pm) programs.