Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many commonly received questions can be found below. Click on any of the questions to read the answers. Please also contact us at anytime with any other questions or comments.


What makes your school different from other schools?

LHCS is different from other schools in these ways:

We strive to integrate faith and learning in a meaningful, age appropriate context. This is what we mean when we say we are Christ-centred.

Christian community is vital to LHCS. We enroll families at LHCS. Not only do children receive an education but parents are adopted in to a community which cares for one another in Christian love. This is what we mean when we say we are parentally supported.

The core values of lifelong Christian discernment and commitment to Jesus are consistent between home and school. This is what we mean when we say home and school are mutually supportive.

The belief that the Universe and everything in it belongs to God is at the core of our philosophy of education. We strive to see all of created reality through the “glasses of Scripture.”

What curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum resources come from a variety of sources. A large proportion of our materials come from the former Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools and Christian Schools International. The remainder comes from a variety of both Christian and non-Christian sources.

How does the Bible fit into your programs?

We have a formal Bible curriculum taught in Bible class. More importantly we integrate the Bible’s teaching into all curriculum areas. Our math is not Christian because there is a Bible text at the top of the math sheet. Math is Christian when students understand that the world was created with order, pattern and inter-relatedness. Humanity did not create math, we unfold it according to God’s created norms.

Is the school involved in any kinds of skill testing?

We use Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing in the fall and spring for students in Grades 3-8 each year.  The MAP tests indicate student growth in mathematics, reading and language usage.  The results are used by teachers to indicate student readiness for various concepts.  As a school, we use the results to ensure that our program enables students to meet or exceed provincial standards for literacy and numeracy.

Who operates your school?

LHCS is operated by the Kitchener Waterloo Christian School Society (KWCSS). LHCS is a community based, privately funded, parentally supported independent Christian School. It’s daily affairs are managed by an administrative team made up of the Principal and Vice-Principals. A Board of Directors sets policy and supervises the activities of the administrative team. A number of standing committees serve the Board. The Board and committees are elected or appointed from the members of the KWCSS. Membership in the KWCSS is open to parents and all those interested in the promotion of christian education. The membership has two official meetings per year and gathers more often for general information evenings.

Is your school run by a particular denomination?

Students in our school attend over 60 different local churches in our region. While our roots are deeply embedded in the reformed tradition, families in our school belong to many Christian congregations, including Baptist, Eastern Orthodox, Christian Reformed, Pentecostal, Mennonite-Brethren, Alliance as well as non-denominational churches.

What is the tuition fee?

Our tuition fee is an incremental family rate. A portion of tuition fees are eligible for a tax deduction which makes the after tax cost of tuition very affordable. See our tuition payments page for more information.

Is transportation an additional expense?

Transportation costs are extra. LHCS operates a joint transportation system with an affiliated school, Woodland Christian High School. The cost for this service is set each academic year and is included on our tuition page. The rates for using the bus are a per family rate. A code of conduct applies to all bus users. After school supervision until the buses arrive is included in the cost.

Does your school receive any government funding?

We do not receive any government funding.

How long has your school been in operation?

LHCS has been in operation since 1967.