Who We Are

Laurentian Hills Christian School (LHCS) is an independent day school, providing Christian education to students in grades JK-8 since 1967. It is interdenominational, drawing students from over sixty different churches in the Kitchener- Waterloo area. LHCS is affiliated with Edvance, Christian Schools Canada (CSC) and with Christian Schools International (CSI).

LHCS building

Parent Involvement

We believe that God gives primary responsibility for raising children to parents. LHCS teachers are partners with parents in educating their children by supporting and extending the Christian values taught at home. Parents of students may become members of the Kitchener Waterloo Christian School Society (KWCSS), which governs the school. Members can be elected to the board or appointed to supporting committees. Parent volunteering is expected and encouraged through many opportunities in the classroom, on committees and in fund raising.


LHCS is not government funded, its operations depend on tuition and contributions from a wide variety of supporters. Donations, volunteer efforts and fund raising all help to build community and maintain affordability. Our rates are surprisingly low, representing excellent value. A portion of tuition is eligible to be claimed as a tax deduction, making the after tax cost of education at LHCS very affordable. Go to our tuition page for more details or call the school at 519-576-6700.


The staff at LHCS are highly qualified, dedicated professionals who share the school’s vision. Our teachers have earned university degrees and/or graduated from teachers college. All our teachers hold permanent Ontario Teacher’s Certificates and/or Christian School Teacher’s Certificates or the equivalent.


Our comprehensive curriculum includes Bible, Language Arts, French, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts (Music, Instrumental Band, and Artistic Expression) and Physical Education. Curriculum materials are regularly reviewed and updated. LHCS’s educational activities are designed to educate the whole child mentally, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. When possible, student learning is accomplished through inquiry and projects. Our aim is to develop a student’s awareness of their responsibility to God, self, others and creation.

School Life

LHCS staff aim to provide a rich environment which meets the needs of each child in his or her physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and development. Devotions are held in the classroom each morning, and monthly chapels are hosted by each grade in turn. Parents and grandparents are welcome to enjoy these events as well as the drama and musical productions which are part of our Christmas and Easter celebrations. LHCS students also participate in Guelph district sporting events and at-school intramurals.  Each class also actively engages in service learning activities.

Home & School

Homework is an integral part of our academic program and is intended to build habits of self discipline and independent study, especially for students in Grade 3 and up. Parents are kept up to date on school and classroom activities with a regular weekly newsletter, class websites, annual parent-teacher interviews and occasional emails or phone calls.