Operating since 1967 LHCS has consistently striven to optimize value and education. You will find below outlines of current tuition schedules and tax benefits.

A complete enrollment package is available for download on our Enrollment page. Please also feel free to contact the school at anytime with any questions or comments.

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Tuition Fee Structure

The tuition fee structure for the 2022/2023 School Year is as follows:

1 in Part-time Kindergarten $5,590
1 Full-time or 2 Part-time Kindergarten $10,375
1 Full-time and 1 Part-time Kindergarten $13,540
2 Full-time or 1 Full-time and 2 Part-time Kindergarten $15,565
2 Full-time and 1 Part-time Kindergarten $16,535
3 Full-time or more $17,330

Payments to LHCS qualify for Charitable Tax donations after deducting a cost per student (CPS) – estimated at $4,000. The Federal Government allows parents/guardians who choose a faith-based school for their children to use a portion of the tuition fees as a charitable donation for income tax purposes. Through a formula, schools calculate what the Federal Government calls the cost per student (CPS). This figure is re-calculated each school year. The CPS is charged for each student attending the school. The CPS is deducted from tuition fees paid and the remainder qualifies as a charitable donation for tax purposes.