Purpose & Vision

We believe that it is our responsibility as Christians to raise children in the light of God’s word. The education of children must be Christ-centered equipping them to become responsive┬ádisciples of Christ who seek the will of the Lord in all aspects of life.



What is our specific task within this higher calling? Providing a comprehensive student experience taught from a fully integrated biblical worldview, in partnership with parents.


What is the higher calling that inspires us? Educating and inspiring children to become all that God created them to be.

Graduate Profile


LHCS graduates engage God’s world with curiosity, creativity and confidence. Graduates are challenged by academics while cultivating a life-long love of learning. They develop their gifts and use them to serve.


LHCS graduates are collaborative, compassionate communicators who are actively involved in their communities. They are restorative in their relationships and value the contributions of others.


LHCS graduates are hopeful and thriving, seeking to deepen their walk with Christ and reflect His grace in their communities