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Now is the Time: The Vision

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Since our most recent addition in 2009, we have added important programs to our school that require more space to effectively provide for a growing student population. We need to create greater flexibility in how we educate our students and ensure the sustainability of the school for generations to come.

The Building on His Foundation Campaign will position the school, programming, and facilities for the future. We are committed to taking care of the legacy of our facility’s wonderful existing learning spaces while renovating, repurposing and investing in others to prepare our students to continue to learn and serve in God’s world. Through the campaign, we will redesign features of our building and add new spaces to allow for a variety of methods to deliver a high-quality Christian education that better expresses the vibrant and dynamic character of our school.

Enrollment Trends

Graph showing the growth of enrolment from 37 students in 1969 to a projected 363 students in 2025

Enrollment at LHCS continues to increase steadily as more families are recognizing the value of Christian education. Since 2004, with the introduction of Junior Kindergarten, an increasing interest in early education is notable. The chart demonstrates projected student body growth through 2025, based on pre-pandemic historical enrolment trends and, in fact, the 2022/23 school year is already ahead of projections. While it is difficult to account for pandemic recovery, it is still prudent to consider student population growth over the next three years.

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“My family has been a part of the Laurentian Hills Christan School community for over 30 years. During this time, I have seen the school community grow. I am excited to see the next stage of growth and how the school will continue to serve the community in the future. This campus revitalization project is such a worthwhile endeavor!”
Christian Vandergest, Class of 2004

Educational Space

In the spring of 2022, the LHCS Membership approved the motion to maximize the school to two classes per grade for a total of 20 classrooms. The redevelopment project will allow for additional classroom space which will include the following:

Preschool Classroom 

There is a strong interest in the LHCS community to introduce a preschool into our educational programming. In addition to the educational benefits for families to access Christian education for their children as early as 3 years old, this initiative will introduce families into the LHCS community earlier and create a natural transition to our Kindergarten program. 


Our library does not meet the current needs of our students. The room is windowless and small, and it does not provide suitable space for a full class of students. We envision a library that adapts easily and serves as a gathering place for multiple classes in the event of speakers, chapels or events with reading alcoves, tech hubs, worktables, leveled seating and moveable furniture to serve multiple purposes. In addition to supporting student learning, these enhancements will provide for potential revenue streams through facility rentals outside of school hours. 

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Science/Art/Maker Space Room

In order to progress our art and science programs, we need a dedicated room with ample workspace for
classes to engage in large art projects and various science demonstrations and experiments. With storage directly in the space, this room provides another gathering space and hub for collaborative work. We envision further expanding our programming by having a space for students to engage in enrichment activities that may involve robotics, Lego, coding, etc.

Flex classroom

We require a classroom that can transform easily from a classroom for French studies to a space that teachers can book for small group work, enrichment activities and/or co-curricular activities (chess club, yarn club, Battle of the Books practice, etc.).

Foyer/Front Entrance Remodel

We envision a welcoming entrance for our visitors with enhanced views of our office and sightlines for administrative staff. The foyer will provide an open space for academic, arts and community gathering.

Dedicated Withdrawal Rooms for Student Support Services

Students and paraeducators need a consistent location with ample lighting and seating to work with students who require routine, quiet spaces and comfortable seating to engage in their schoolwork. Our current facility does not provide adequate space for this vital component of our education program.

Kindergarten class

“We are so grateful for Laurentian Hills Christian School. We appreciate the partnership we have between home and school. We know that when we send our children to school each day they are loved, cared for, and taught by teachers who are gifted in their profession. The teachers encourage and challenge their students in all subjects and are attentive to their needs. Our children are receiving a Christian foundation that will be instrumental in their walk with Jesus.”
Jason and Heidi Leeder, Parents

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