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Growing up, I attended a small rural Christian elementary school with four classrooms and six staff members, and class sizes varying from two to ten children. The bus rides to and from school were long, extra-curriculars were limited, and resources were always tight; but we were blessed to be educated by teachers that loved the Lord and belonged to a school community that kept Christ at its centre. At one point in its history, this description would have fit Laurentian Hills Christian School as well.

However, unlike so many other Christian schools that have struggled to keep their doors open over the past few decades, LHCS has flourished and grown to be one of the largest Christian elementary schools in Canada. There are many reasons for this, such as the school’s central location in a growing city centre and the strategic decisions made by past leaders. However, by far the most important factor has been the deep and enduring involvement of our many supporters.

I am so thankful that in the wake of the pandemic, the halls of our school have become busy and vibrant once more, and our student population has once again started to grow. We have begun to return our attention to the longer-term direction for the school and have resumed our plans to renovate our building to create space for two classes per grade level, a rich set of academic and extracurricular programs, and the launch of a new Christian preschool.

I am honoured and excited to be leading the Building on His Foundation Campaign to see these plans come to fruition. As a fellow supporter of LHCS, we need your support to realize the vision. Your contributions, whether financial, logistical or otherwise, will be vital as we follow the Lord’s leading and open the next chapter for Laurentian Hills Christian School. On behalf of the campaign cabinet, as well as the parents and staff at LHCS, thank you for your support!

Dan Luymes
Dan Luymes
Chair, Campaign Cabinet

“Laurentian Hills Christian School is so much more than an amazing elementary Christian school. LHCS is a community that seeks to develop relationships between students, equipping them to know their importance as God’s children while fostering curiosity through applicable learning. Opportunities for parental involvement provide parents with a sense of accountability, connectedness, and delight as they walk along their children’s learning journey.”
Jen Feddema, Parent

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