What does it mean to be a member?

If you are new to LHCS (or even if you’ve been here a few years) you might be wondering what does it mean to become a member? In the newsletter and through letters, our Membership Committee has been encouraging parents to become members, but what does that mean, and why consider it?

At its heart, our school is a group of people agreeing to work together to provide Christian education, becoming a member connects you more formally to this group and gives you the opportunity to participate at a greater level. Our members elect our Board of Directors who set the vision and direction for our school, so being a member gives you an opportunity to help shape and direct that vision!

When you become a member, you are becoming a member of the KWCSS (Kitchener-Waterloo Christian School Society) which is the non-profit organization that operates LHCS. You also become a member of a group of people including, parents, grandparents and supporters who have kept this organization strong and thriving for over 40 years! Consider becoming a member and helping our school to thrive and grow for the next 40 years!

If you would like more information about becoming a member consider joining us Wed. Nov. 14 from 7-8pm at the school.

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