Tip for a successful Parent/Teacher Conference

We are looking forward to meeting with parents during Parent/Teacher Conferences.

parent-teacher conference

Sometimes parents ask what they can do to prepare for these conferences;  here are a few suggestions to help make the most of Parent/Teacher Conferences.

  • Write down your questions ahead of time
  • Ask your child if there is anything they want you to share or ask on their behalf
  • Avoid lengthy discussions not related to the conference
  • Tell the teacher about some of your child’s interests, hobbies, strengths and areas where he/she might need encouragement.
  • Is there any information you need to share with the teacher, e.g.. any home or family changes that the teacher needs to be sensitive to, any health issues, any recent family deaths or dramatic changes that have had an impact on your child.
  • Be open to hearing concerns the teacher may raise about your child. This is an opportunity to address concerns before they become larger concerns for your child. Work together with the teacher to find the best way to address those concerns and help your child be successful.
  • Ask about your child’s social interactions at school as well as his/her academic progress. Other important areas to ask about include: work habits, behaviour, participation and learning style.
  • If your child did not attend the conference be sure to share with them what you discussed with the teacher including both the positives and areas for improvement.
  • If you came up with actions to be completed at home, implement them right away and remain consistent, not only will this help your child succeed, but sends them the message that home and school are working together to help them.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are one more way we work together towards the goal of “equipping our students to become responsive disciples of Christ”.

Resource: http://bctf.ca/parents.aspx?id=3600

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