THINK before you speak

Last week several members of our Impact Team (students from gr.6-8) led our school in some activities each day designed to help us think before we speak, as part of anti-bullying week.

THINK before you speak

The Impact Team used the gifts of their different members:

  • 3 students wrote a devotional to correspond with each letter. Each day, student council read a devotional over the PA system.
  • 10 students made posters for each class.
  • 15 students in groups of 2-4 planned an activity to reinforce each letter and led those activities in various classes.

Our Impact Team showed great collaboration skills in designing the week’s activities and great leadership as they led the rest of the school through these activities.

Grade 2 student groups

Impact members leading a game in Grade 2 to reinforce “Is it Helpful?”

Teachers also built on the work of the Impact Team with discussions in the classrooms as well.

Another fantastic example of our students developing creativity, collaborating and communicating with others!

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