Students Benefit from Band Program

One of the exciting additions to our program this year was instrumental band! Here are the top benefits for our students from this program:

  • Opportunity to learn a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument
  • Exposure to a broad range of music
  • Develop musical understandings i.e. notation, rhythm, dynamics…
  • Perform in front of a live audience
  • Praise our Lord and Saviour
student band

At LHCS we provide Christ centered education to the whole child, which includes developing gifts and talents in the arts. The arts reflect in a special way the delight and creativity that God desires his human creatures to both experience and offer in worship. Recognizing that music is a created gift, students in our instrumental music program are taught to perform, compose, listen, and knowledgeably appreciate various types of music in order to develop their task of being responsive disciples of Christ.

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