Self-Selected Seating

blog1One aspect of our mission at LHCS is to “advance dynamic, excellent Christ-centered education through unconstrained facilities”.  This foundational understanding is demonstrated in alternative seating in the grade 1/2 class.

Mrs. Caroline VanDonkelaar has been teaching elementary school students for 8 years, and has met many wiggly bodies.  “Not every student can work well in a traditional desk and chair scenario” she points out.  Having adopted self-selected seating, children in her class have work space options like desks, tables of differing shape and size, balls and stools to sit on as well as big or small chairs.

All the students’ supplies are kept neatly in bins at the side of the room.  Desks are turned backwards or hold communal supplies, so students can’t store items in them.blog5

Students are guided in making personal and social choices about where they will best complete their assigned task.  Do they need quiet space to work?  They can find a desk by themselves.  Do they need input from their peers?  A round table for four people is available to accommodate creative collaboration.

What is the goal?  Everyone is comfortable, productive, and feels safe, by having some control over their work environment.

What are the benefits?  Not always sitting beside the same person.  Increased metabolism adding to attentiveness.  Learning to take responsibility for their choices.  No messy desks to take time to clean!

With progress as one of our core values, the openness to consider and test new ideas displayed in this classroom is worth examining.blog3

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