Science Fair shows that “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it”

Last evening, we held our Science Fair Open House and it was great to see so many parents, students, grandparents and friends out enjoying the great work our students have done this year!  Science Fairs have been done for years in schools all over Ontario.

2013 science fair display

What makes them different at LHCS?  Consider these 5 questions that our students in grade 5 & 6 needed to answer as part of their project:

  • Tell how your topic shows how amazing, creative and powerful God is and how wonderful He created the world.
  • Tell how God has blessed us by your topic. For example, how we have been able to use your topic. How your topic has made our lives better.
  • Tell how we can use your topic to take care of the world or to help others.
  • Tell how we need to be responsible and careful with using your topic and need to use it in a way to glorify God.
  • Refer to a Bible verse that ties in with your topic and supports what you discuss in your Christian perspective.

This is a great example of not only teaching research skills, and the scientific method, but another way we encourage our students to “engage God’s world”.

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