Planting Seeds Literally

L.H.C.S.’s theme is to love your neighbour, so 5B decided, through the House of Friendship, to grow and donate seedlings. The House of Friendship helps new Canadians through local community centres. These centres have community gardens that help new immigrants have fresh vegetables. 5B grew cucumbers, onions and zucchinis that we will deliver to the Chandler-Mowat Community Centre.

Grade 5 students

Mrs. Brunsting donated small pots for our seedlings, and did they ever grow! Within three days the seeds sprouted! They got to go outside on nicer days. The onions looked like grass and the cucumbers grew 6 cm. They grew two leaves and later grew a third out of the side. The zucchini grew 13 cm and started to fall over. They needed sticks to keep them up. Before long it was time to give our plants and seeds to the Chandler-Mowat Community Centre. We can’t wait to come back in June to see them again! We have definitely enjoyed helping the people who go to the community centre!

By Nathaniel T.

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