Persevering With Deeper Learning Despite Pandemic

Prior to March Break, the Grade 3A class embarked on an ambitious social studies project.  As they learned fascinating information about the civilization of ancient Rome, each student was given the opportunity to research a topic of personal interest, become experts and then present it to peers in the form of a newscast. Miss Pauls introduced the students to Colton Wiens, a Regina news reporter and anchor, who gave them some real world tips (via Zoom) about making an authentic news spot.

Then, within an hour of students going home for March Break, the province of Ontario closed down all schools. Miss Pauls’ project, which had been delayed from original implementation in 2017 due to a severe concussion, was in jeopardy.  However, this class overcame obstacles and challenges.  Scripts were composed and revised in students’ homes; props and costumes utilized household items at hand; and family members collaborated with their students to produce audio and video reports from locations like “the Colosseum” and Pompeii. In addition, students chose authentic Roman names when introducing their reports.

To tie the project together, the student reports were anchored by Colton Wiens and made into a full length 30 minute newscast all about ancient Rome.  Some families reported renewed energy during remote learning as they were brought together with a shared project. The students taught their classmates, their families and their peers in the other classes about key events, people and places related to this civilization.  One of the social and emotional learning skills this class demonstrated was perseverance.  They can be proud of their efforts, and we celebrate with them as a community. 



Enjoy their video broadcast, using this link: Roman Reporter Newscast


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