Imagine a Place…

LHCS strives to educate the whole child, guiding them in their journey to becoming collaborative, compassionate communicators who are actively involved in their communities.

How is compassion taught?  The Grade 7/8 class was given a writing assignment entitled: Responding to Injustice.  Their task was to identify and research examples of people in our world who experience injustice and compose a poem in response to one of these issues.





The outcome is impressive. The students displayed sensitivity and maturity in their research and writing, and many global as well as local issues were investigated.



“Imagine a place where everyone’s safe

A place where people grow, flourish and succeed

Where everyone is equal”,

wrote one student, in response to human trafficking, forced labour and unfair wages.

From a more local perspective, on the issue of mental illness, a student wrote:

“Imagine somewhere…


Where worry and anxiety

Are very far away

And sorrow and dejected thoughts

Will never see the day


…We find God’s peace and happiness,

Is given for us all.”

Their teacher witnessed these students learning empathy for humankind, and thinking about their neighbour in new ways:

 “I imagine a world where children can play

Without sickness and empty bellies.

A world where every family can eat”.

Jesus Christ’s command in Matthew 22 to “love your neighbour as yourself” gives inspiration to students who strive to seek the will of the Lord in all aspects of life.  Assignments like this one give insight into becoming responsive disciples of His.


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