Good Things in Small Sizes

At Laurentian Hills Christian School we believe that just as our values and curriculum are to be thoroughly biblical, we are called to excellence in education. One way we demonstrate that commitment is through reasonable class sizes.

As LHCS continues to grow our enrollment we are regularly evaluating what contributes to that excellence. Our dedication to keeping class sizes down is an important part: kindergarten classes are capped at 21 students, with an Educational Assistant being added after the class reaches 16; Grade 1 classes are full at 20 students; Grade 2 classes are 21 students; Grade 3 classes are 22 students; Grade 4 – 6 classes are 24 students; and Grade 7 -8 classes are 25 students. This allows our faculty ample time to meet their students’ needs where they are.

In addition to our qualified teachers we have other excellent resources including ten Para-educators and two Student Support Services teachers.  This allows us to constantly evaluate needed support for both the classroom teachers and the students.

Each child is precious in God’s eyes.  As we work towards graduating students who are engaged and flourishing contributors, our commitment to reasonable class sizes allows LHCS to cultivate engaged learners who are responsive disciples of Christ.

Expanding opportunities in learning and faith.

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