God’s care for us through creation

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. This verse from Psalm 24:1 is both a confession of our faith that we belong to God, and a declaration that this world, and every part of it belongs to God. Our staff is eager to share these truths with our students this year through our theme. God’s care for us through creation.

Through a number of different activities connected to this theme, we hope to help our students see God’s care for us through creation; whether that is through His provision for us through agriculture, the water cycle, or God’s hand in history.

To start us off the whole school will be attending the International Plowing Match on September 19th, a great opportunity for many of us “urbanites” to see what is involved in bringing food to our tables. This will be followed with special “Afternoon Educational Centres” on a variety of topics including biosecurity, from Moo to You and country dancing. Our staff is looking forward to developing this theme with our students this year through all our subject areas, everything we study is a part of God’s world, and everything in it belongs to God!

creation bulletin board

As part of our theme we also have a bulletin board beside the main office. On the bulletin board both students and staff can put little notes that show where they have seen God’s care or just marvelled at His creation. Take a look next time your in the building!

Our theme song for this year is “Majestic” by Lincoln Brewster, here’s a link to a great video on YouTube which shows God’s wonderful creation!

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