Fun and Character at the IPM

I received this email from one of our parents who went along as a chaperone to the International Plowing Match on Wednesday, and wanted to share it.

Funny story from yesterday’s plowing match…

My group wanted to get their faces painted. They decided to all get the same painting….a curly mustache. The clown was great…drew curly mustaches on all the girls, one after the other….chatting away with us all as she worked.

After they were all done, I lined everyone up for a group pic. After the photo the girls turned around and there was this big farmer dude standing right behind them, hands on hips, asking if they were making fun of him????? We took a closer look at him and low and behold….he, himself, had a curly mustache!!!!!

Group moustache photo

I pulled him in beside the girls and told him we had to get a pic of this! He was great about it…kidding around with the girls.

I think the best part of all this though, was a conversation I had later with my daughter. I didn’t hear the clown say this, but my daughter mentioned that the clown was so happy to talk to the girls…very impressed with their character. Clown said she had a group of teenagers yesterday and had to continue telling them to stop swearing. She thought our girls were great, no swearing and a lot of fun.

I thought how great it was that these girls could represent LHCS, the Lord and their generation so well!

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