Creation, Community, Contact

Last week was a different week here at LHCS as we enjoyed our afternoon Agriculture Education Centres. There were a number of goals for these afternoon sessions, but I wanted to highlight three, Creation, Community and Contact.

Creation – we learned so much about creation, about where our foods come from, but also about the Creator as we studied His creation and marvelled at the way He provides for us through agriculture.

group of students

Community – our students were placed in groups that included students from grades 1-8. It was fantastic to see our older students taking on leadership roles in the groups, and the positive interactions between students as they learned together.creation and marvelled at the way He provides for us through agriculture.

Contact – often our learning about agriculture takes place through reading and images, but when you combine those with contact (or hands on learning) learning is increased. Last week our students had a chance to not only read about and see images of pigs, but to touch (and smell 🙂 ) pigs, and as a result their learning is deeper and richer.

Thank-you to the many parents who helped out in a variety of ways. Thanks to our students for their positive attitude and cooperative spirit as we went through the centres. And thanks to our teachers for their creativity and effort in creating engaging learning opportunities for our students!

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