Community while Cleaning

Saturday, May 5th a small army of parents and students participated in the LHCS Spring Clean-up. Inside the school, microwaves were scrubbed, paint touched up, shelves dusted and scuff marks erased. Outside the school, sand was spread for the long jump pit, the parking lot and sidewalks were blown clean and the playground was made safer by loosening the mulch. Our school became a little tidier and the property committee had help with a few unfinished jobs around the school; but what may have been more significant was the sense of community and common purpose.

kids cleaning inside

Smaller accomplishments by our youngest helpers were also appreciated and, although they didn’t know it, they were learning the value of volunteerism and were continuing to practice this year’s school theme of being a good neighbor. After the work was done, the clean-up crew was joined by LHCS board members who were meeting for a day of Strategic planning. Everyone was treated to a time of lunch and fellowship.

students outside

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