Celebrating Learning

We are a community of Christ here at Laurentian Hills Christian School.  In an excellent effort to foster that community, we expanded our biennial science fair to include our entire school, from JK to Grade 8.  In preparation for our Celebration of Learning, all our students were very busy preparing a diverse assortment of projects, art, penmanship, and stories, among other things.  The special evening has given them an authentic audience to dazzle, beyond their impressed teachers.


Our recent History Fair in Grade 7 and 8 was ripe with opportunities for students to harvest learning from their fellow classmates.  Students engaged with a topic, and then contributed to the learning of others by creating a project and display to present.  Through this experience they explored and discovered God’s hand in the culture of the people living during the Renaissance.

Architecture during the Duomo

Similarly, the Science Fair projects completed by Grades 5 through 8 enabled students to explore how something worked, or examine the scientific method by performing an experiment, in order to answer a predetermined question or purpose.

Friction on ice

The results are tremendous.  Our students are clearly flourishing as they walk with Christ in their day-to-day learning of His grace and His creation.

Lisa Eelkema

Lisa Eelkema is Vice Principal at LHCS and music teacher for Grades 7 and 8.

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