Canadian author Eric Walters visits LHCS

On April 6th, Canadian author Eric Walters visited LHCS and was welcomed by a bulletin board designed by the grade 7 class. The presentation that Walters gave to the senior students centred upon his novels that address difficult issues.

author Eric Walters

Author Eric Walters

In these books, young characters encounter such events as the bombings of 9/11 (We All Fall Down), the Rwandan genocide (Shattered) , the 2004 tsunami (Wave) and the Haitian earthquake (Shaken). He referred to his non-fiction book Tell Me Why, which shows examples of adults and children who are making a difference in the world and what is motivating them.

Eric Walters presenting to students

When he spoke to the grade 3-5 students, Walters showcased his sports-related novels as well as historical fiction set in the Arctic (The Pole and Trapped in Ice). Students responded to the humourous segments in the presentations as well as to the array of slides that illustrated the talks. Mr. Walters shared plans to research his 75th book by attempting to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro this June. As a gift, we presented him with a book entitled Aftershock, a Christian man’s response to the Haiti earthquake.

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