Reading Programs

Reading is a key skill in lifetime learning and development. At LHCS we encourage reading in a variety of ways including structured programs such as Accelerated Reader and the Ontario Public Library’s Forest of Reading.

You can learn more about these programs below and by contacting LHCS at anytime.

stack of books

Accelerated Reader

Students are encouraged to read “AR” books, and then have the opportunity to take a quiz on that book using the classroom computer. The students receive points for the number of questions correct on the quiz.

To see a list of all the “AR” books we have at LHCS click on the “AR List” link below. The list is sorted by Book Level which roughly corresponds to your child’s grade level.

Forest of Reading

Forest of Reading is a program from the Ontario Library Association designed to cultivate a love of reading. LHCS participates in this program each year, which culminates with a ‘Readers Breakfast’.

To see a list of all the Forest of Reading books we have at LHCS click on the button below. You can learn more about the Forest of Reading program by visiting the Ontario Library Association website.